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Welcome to Voice of Spirit! With Hawaii Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St. Joseph

Hawaii psychic intuitive Geralyn St. Joseph
I am Geralyn St. Joseph, a psychic intuitive who helps people reconnect with Spirit. All the services I offer are geared toward helping you achieve a greater awareness of your place in the world and your effect upon it.  Services include Spiritual guidance, couple’s guidance, psychic readings, negative statement release, motivational speaking and instruction for better communication in all relationships.

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Choosing a Psychic

Selecting the right psychic is much like choosing a doctor. You need to find someone who is good at what they do, empathetic, caring and professional. Ultimately, it comes down to your own personal preference. You need to feel comfortable with and have some confidence in whomever you choose. Read more…


Like most professions, Metaphysics has its own vocabulary. However, the difference is that we are rather unregulated, so although we may use similar terminology, we may not mean the same thing. This may create a feeling of discontinuity, or make it appear that some of us agree or disagree with one another. To be as clear as possible I have included a list of commonly used words or phrases with explanations. These definitions are solely mine, and although they may be shared by other metaphysicians, are not by any means a general standard. Read more…

Please remember when calling 808 261-7866 that I’m currently in PA ET, not on Hawaii Standard Time

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"A psychic reading from Geralyn St. Joseph is often very specific in detail and always highly transformative. Her information uplifts the spirit and gives one a sense of direction filled with many possibilities. She has helped clients through difficult times by assisting in discovering the reasons for a seemingly traumatic event."
- Christopher Ilo - Shaman in Hawaii, Huna Fire Energy Healer

I am a clairvoyant, intuitive reader utilizing a variety of divination tools. I enjoy helping others through my spiritual gifts.

I combine my metaphysical talents with my education to offer different spiritual guidance services; ranging from coupleÂ’s guidance to business consulting. I have a BA in Communications with concentrations in Law and Psychology.

I have been reading for others since age 11, and have offered my services professionally since 1994. My client base spans the mainland from my hometown of Philadelphia, PA to Los Angeles, CA. I offer my readings and guidance by phone and in-person; and my classes by Internet for my long distance or time challenged clients.

I am a highly effective motivational speaker, delivering talks on various subjects. Seminars and Classes include: Intuitive Tarot, Releasing the Myth of Loneliness– Path to Self Empowerment, Power of Gemstones, Living from the Heart Series and more!

Hire Me

I am available for private psychic readings, group psychic readings, mystical parties, business consultations and corporate events: as a psychic reader or a motivational speaker.

My services are available in person, by phone 808 261-7866 & over the Internet at (Initial psychic readings must be done in person or over the phone.) Read more…

I hope you will find some helpful information in this site. Please share what you learn with others. Remember, it is not enough to know the Truth, you must live it. This site and all its contents are copyrighted, so please let me know if you wish to reproduce any part and refer others back to us.


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When working with clients, I share information and metaphors for self-insight. It is the responsibility of each person seeking assistance to be the final determiner of his or her choices in life. I assume no credit, blame or liability for the impressions I share or any actions that people may take as a result of hearing them. The point of having a reading is to use the information as a barometer of your path and help you see the bigger picture. It is not for the psychic to make your decisions for you, but rather to guide you. May your greater good be served. Blessings, Geralyn

Geralyn St. Joseph
Kailua, Hawaii 96734, currently in the Lancaster, PA and Philadelphia Area

Also in mid-Maine - serving Augusta to Bangor, ME
808 261-7866 or
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