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Demons Dressed in Angel’s Clothing

Not so much a Blog Post as a poem...

Matthew 7:15       “ Be on your guard against false teachers, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath are wolves on the prowl. You will know them by their deeds.

She comes smiling and gentle

            Thumping her Bible

                        Praising the Lord’s name, [ loudly and often ]

                                    Speaking of LOVE

                                                                                    and sin.

She opens you gently - poking and prying

            Seemingly supportive

                        All the while finding your weak spots

                                    Picking off the scabs

                                                Making you bleed

                                                            Wounded and vulnerable - Ready for the Feast

Convincing you of your unworthiness       

                        Convincing you of your sinfulness

            While convincing you of your superiority, your righteousness

                        Giving you the gift of Judgement 

                                                                                                And Spiritual Pride

Whenever her deception is uncovered she cries, 

            “Only GOD can Judge ME!!!”

And He does,

            Crying softly as he watches

                                                                        her lead others astray...

Using HIS own words - Convoluted and Twisted


Destroyer of Lives

                                                Liver of Lies

                                                                                    Consumer of Souls

BeWare the Demon in Angel’s Clothing!



Matthew 6             Purity of Intention “ Be on guard against performing religious acts for others to see

Matthew 15:14     “ Let them go their way, they are blind leaders of the blind, who fall into a ditch together with those they have led astray. “

© 2010 GSJ

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