My Prince Charming

When I was a little girl my mom told me stories about Prince Charming. I never believed they were true.

As I ventured into the world, and played the lead role in stories of my own, I became convinced there was no such thing as a Prince Charming; No one would save me and keep me safe and warm, no one to love me just as I am, no one to walk through life beside me holding my hand…

I discovered I didn’t need saving. And I thought I didn’t need anyone to hold my hand.

Then along came this man. Not the image or shell of a man, but a real man. This one could cry and laugh and expose his true nature.

Undaunted by my strength, totally accepting of my weaknesses, he took my hand and did not expect me to follow, did not want me to lead. He walks beside me…MY PRINCE CHARMING.

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When working with clients, I share information and metaphors for self-insight. It is the responsibility of each person seeking assistance to be the final determiner of his or her choices in life. I assume no credit, blame or liability for the impressions I share or any actions that people may take as a result of hearing them. The point of having a reading is to use the information as a barometer of your path and help you see the bigger picture. It is not for the psychic to make your decisions for you, but rather to guide you. May your greater good be served. Blessings, Geralyn

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